CONSORTIUM COMMITTEE - Committee shall assist and cooperate in the planning of Continuing Medical Education activities for health care providers in Humboldt-Del Norte counties. Accreditation of Cat 1 CME programs shall follow the guidelines of the California Medical Association’s Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ).
DISASTER PREPAREDNESS COMMITTEE - Committee will bring physicians and representatives from community health-related agencies/organizations together to closer tie the county-wide disaster plan with the medical community and further prepare for the medical/health aspects of disaster. This committee will meet at the direction of the Public Health Officer.
EDITORIAL COMMITTEE - This committee shall edit and publish the official publication (The Bulletin), Physician Membership/Resource Directory, the Internet Web Page and other communication tools at the direction of the Executive Committee.
HISTORICAL COMMITTEE - The historian shall compile and document all matters of record which will comprise the history of the Society and its members. Such history shall be filed in the office of the Society.
LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE - To monitor federal and state legislation on a continuing basis; periodically meet with local legislators for the purpose of discussing pending legislation and organized medicine’s position on legislation.
MEDICAL EXAMINER SUPPORT COMMITTEE - Committee will assist in issues relating to the medical examiner/coroner in Humboldt and/or Del Norte county.
MEDICAL QUALITY REVIEW COMMITTEE - Committee’s duty to render evaluation or advise as deemed appropriate, regarding standard of care for the area, whenever any claim is made or threatened to be made or suit filed against a member of the Society. Reviews for Norcal Mutual Insurance Co. Committee also makes recommendations regarding Risk Management programs and member support.
MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE - Committee reviews applicants and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee prior to the physician’s acceptance into membership. Responsibilities include Member Recruitment and Retention.
PHYSICIAN WELL BEING COMMITTEE - The Physician Well Being Committee shall address issues relating to the health, well-being or impairment of physicians, in order to maintain and improve the quality of care and assist in the maintenance of appropriate standards of personal performance. The committee will follow the guidelines established with its policies and procedures.
PUBLIC HEALTH ADVISORY COMMITTEE - to assist in providing a forum for our Public Health Officers in dealing with local public health issues.
PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE - Committee shall represent the Society in all matters connecting members of the Society with the Public, Press, Radio, Television, etc.
PUBLIC SERVICE AND MEDICAL ETHICS COMMITTEE - Committee shall investigate and upon request, arbitrate all matters of dispute, controversy, contention or grievance arising between members or between members and others, involving relations with the public and Principles of Medical Ethics.
Many other physician representatives are appointed by the Medical Society, which include local organizations/agencies such as:
Area 1 Agency on Aging
Blood Bank
California Medical Assistants, Redwood Region "Advisors"
Drug & Alcohol Advisory Board
Emergency Medical Care Committee
Humboldt-Del Norte Foundation for Medical Care / Independent Practice Association
Norcap (Advisory to Norcal Mutual Insurance)
Organized Medical Staff Section (OMSS)
Humboldt State University PreMed Association